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Old School New Body Review

Old School New Body is a fitness program dealt with all ages and genders. The program includes numerous eBooks (PDFs), and audio files. The primary handbook is about 101-pages long and it teaches you its highlighted Focus-4 Workout (F4X) system, which has youth-enhancing body-shaping benefits. This workout program is crafted to prevent any danger of training injuries and it is safe for any ages even if you’re over 40. We acquired the Old School New Body program and went through its contents to compose this review.

As we age, we start to observe modifications in the body, which leave us feeling the need to attempt more difficult to keep in shape. A few of us feel too slim and desire we might pack more of a fitness punch, and numerous feel they are ending up being sagging and soft as we age. Getting into shape with a decent exercise program and positive attitude is within reach, according to the claims of the program.

With our own copy, here we have an excellent take a look at everything you have to know about this diet and workout routine to discover whether it is the one for you.

What is Old School New Body?

Created to be a complete guide to diet, nutrition, and exercise, this program is a thorough buddy to prompting modifications and providing your life an overhaul.

Introducing the Focus-4 Exercise (F4X) procedure, the program can assist you to increase metabolic process (whatever age you’re at now) and reduce the risk of injuries during a workout. Combining weight training with a cardio workout, this delivers the overall result of burning fat and structure muscle. Targeted at those who are getting on a bit in life, the program can be executed by anyone to guarantee they are keeping their body in optimum condition.

Who Are The Authors Of Old School New Body?
Couple group Steve and Becky Holman produced this program as an action to the people who ask exactly what their trick is. The couple is both over 50, and yet look brilliant eyed and bushy tailed, with a magnificent figure each to boot!

Along with raising 2 strong daughters, Becky has worked for most of her life. Nevertheless, like many individuals, she struck her 40s and became tired of her worn out appearance and loose and flabby bits. With a complete turn-around, which includes the concepts of the program, she revamped her life and is now a leading physical fitness author. Contributing regularly to IRON GUY magazine on the subjects of nutrition and fitness.

Steve has actually been the editorial director of Iron Male for 25 years, and exactly what he doesn’t learn about fitness isn’t’ worth knowing. For over 35 years, he has been a physical fitness fanatic and has actually authored over 20 books on the subject, in addition to having the first-hand experience of shaping up from a skinny teenager to the personification of physical fitness he is today.

What Is Old School New Body’s F4X Protocol All About?

As quickly as you access the program, you will observe that it is based upon the F4X Protocol, which suggests Focus 4 Exercises. This is a targeted method of increasing weight loss and fat burning through a graduated and structured method. So you will be required to:

Select a weight that you can raise fairly easily, or at least with the moderate problem. This is since you need to have the ability to do 15 reps.

Nevertheless, instead of doing sets of 15 reps, ONLY do 10 associates per set, but do this 4 times, with a short 35 2nd rest in between sets.

You’ll notice that the first set is actually easy, and it is implied to be so that you develop to the harder set on the 4th.

This lowers the influence on your joints, and decreases the danger of injury, and ensures that ALL fibers in your muscles are being worked.

And all you need is simply 90 minutes each week to do it– simple, effortless, and really reliable!

What Are The Advantages Of Old School New Body’s F4X Protocol?
Whilst this protocol is offered an intentionally clinical sounding name, its principles are really sound because it decreases the danger of injury, and indicates you make it through the entire procedure quicker and more secure.

Due to the shorter resting times, and fast pace, you get to experience both cardio and resistance training in one move, which effectively means you work smarter, not harder. The heart rate needs to not drop listed below 110 to 120 BPM, guaranteeing that you’ll burn more calories, whilst also burning fat.

Having actually picked something with just moderate trouble on the lift, you get the benefit of complete intensity, in a much shorter area of time.

What Changes To My Diet Plan Will I Had To Make?

Included in the plan is dietary suggestions that are simple to execute since it is so reasonable. At no point do the Holmans ban this or restrict that. They simply encourage on which foods can help to burn fat and those which can trigger other issues.

Explaining the reality behind calorie intake and food groups, the diet area is meant as an overview of help you make the best food choices for you as regularly as possible, and comprehend the ways in which proteins help this type of diet.

With meal strategies and a complete diet guide included, this makes the nutrition part of the strategy simple to follow and simple to implement, which frees up more time for you to enjoy life!

The Best Benefits Of The Old School New Body Plan

Packed within its pages, the program incorporates years of expert understanding in a simple to follow format.


Each workout is illustrated within the guide and includes practical pointers to describe the methods to obtain the most from them. This clearness and simplicity minimize the threat of injury.


Despite being targeted at people entering their older years, this is a program for anyone who wishes to get in better shape. So whether you’re a beginner such as Becky remained in her 40s, or a little bit of a dab hand like Steve, you will take advantage of the workouts and their formula.


Not just is the program among the very best value out there, however, also it needs no extra costs. The food you will eat does not mean spending numerous dollars on fad foods, but rather you will comprehend better choices about the food groups and the best ways to plan a meal. Likewise, the workouts can be performed in your home, without the requirement for a gym membership or costly devices. A lot of them use only body weight, which implies you will need nothing but yourself!


The Old School New Body program is one of the most versatile and easy to follow programs on the marketplace, and it is a bargain at $37. Get on the road to a younger, happier you today!

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