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Gaming Jobs Online  Review

Earning money by playing video games seems like a fantasy become a reality, doesn’t it? The sales page for Gaming Jobs Online definitely causes it to appear this way. When you can earn plenty of earnings and have fun at the same time just playing games from home, why isn’t everyone doing this?

You’ve probably noticed comparable product sales pitches prior to. I know We have. So many sites start off with amazing promises, whilst the reality is totally different. I was interested in this website. At first glance, the site searched just like a complete scam. Some aspects looked ‘off’, and after reviewing numerous scams I was persuaded it was garbage. Nevertheless, as I dug into the sales copy, I found that some things they stated could be genuine. I needed to purchase it to see for myself.

What You Actually Get

The member’s region is basically a collection of various things that you could subscribe to, beginning such as this:

Each banner is really a hyperlink to a possible way to earn. The ideas are genuine. This is not a “scam”.

They are simply not what the marketing and advertising implied. For instance, the first of these hyperlinks to the compensated to experience program from Razer (that makes video gaming accessories). As the system was genuine, it had been stopped in Mar 2018. Even before then, it never compensated a large amount of money.

The Season games link would go to a focused team. Only individuals who are qualified will make. Interestingly, this specific team was an in-person event held in Redwood Shores, California – on Mar 2018! The next hyperlink would go to a signup form for possible research studies, along with the final one.

We’re beginning to view a design right here. The methods will not cause you to much money and many are not game testing anyhow. To make matters worse, these are the showcased opportunities. None of them are what the marketing claimed. There are many other similar links, including focus groups and study websites.

There is even a High-quality Survey Work checklist on the website, which has some truly strange items. Most of them have absolutely nothing whatsoever related to video gaming and several are not associated with research either. A few of the links do not even work.

A few of these locations might be methods to make little bits of money. For instance, the site promotes Google Viewpoint Rewards. That is mostly a market research application which is relatively fast to use. I’ve experienced it on my own telephone before and earned $20 approximately onto it, during the period of a year. The app is appealing because you can spend the credit directly on the Playshop. Nevertheless, it significantly weeps from your preliminary marketing and advertising.

This is correct for surveys overall. The total amount you earn per survey tends to be very low and there are often large gaps among research.

Thankfully, there are some parts particularly on computer game screening within the mix. One of these is called High-quality Computer Game Tester Work. It provides a list of companies as well as the following information.


Gaming Jobs Online is a very low-quality site. They create plenty of bold promises around the sales page but they do not meet any one of them. Much of the website has gone out-of-day, with hyperlinks to positions that aren’t available or programs that have since shut down. All of the links that do work go to positions that you could find by yourself, or to online programs that will pay hardly any for your time.

Even though you did obtain work, it would not become the incredible chance that

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